"Before I became a part of Good City Mentors I never felt the need to go to school, but all of that changed"

"My name is Brittany. I grew up in the bright and beautiful West Los Angeles. During my sophomore year of high school I started drinking, smoking, and skipping class. This eventually led me to drop out of school during my second semester. When I started attending SEA Crenshaw my first reaction was “Why am I here?” I went from being at a large public high school to a tiny school with few kids all crammed in one building. Everyone had their own groups of people they hung out with. I felt like I was never going to make friends. I met the mentors during my first week and I questioned why they would want to be around kids like us, but I liked that I was able to completely be myself around them. I was able to talk to them without holding back and they never made me feel like the “new girl.” From the beginning they just wanted to get to know me.

It’s hard to sum up in one simple thought all that I have learned from being a part of Good City Mentors. The mentors have all been amazing and taught me so many things. I have learned how to look at a glass half full instead of half empty, how to be trustworthy, how to work as a team, and they have helped me understand that I am not the only person in this world with the problems I have faced. Some of the mentors have even gone through some of the same struggles.

Before I became a part of Good City Mentors I never felt the need to go to school, but all of that changed. They pushed me and never let me give up. I knew that they would support me no matter what, so my life began to change. I showed up at school every day, stopped drinking and smoking, and pushed myself to finish high school. I was able to graduate with grades that I never thought I would see on my report card and it’s all because of Good City Mentors. My life has completely changed for the better and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without the amazing mentors."